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Ghana from Coast to Coast…

Home to the largest collection of West Africa’s trade forts and castles, Ghana’s coast offers a unique glimpse into the region’s history. During our trip, we’ll strive to better understand more than 500 years of West African history, current realities, Ghana’s cultural richness, and a breath of fresh ocean breeze. We’ll try authentic cuisines, speak with local experts, and experience the uniqueness of Ghana’s nightlife. We’ll also reflect on our experiences, preferably at the beach (maybe with a bonfire!). Our trip will take us through the varied landscapes of Ghana’s coast; from the bustling capital to the quiet but historically interesting Central region. We are excited about this. We hope you are!.    



Here are a few things we hope to do...

Welcome to Ghana! Depending on when you arrive, you might choose to come with us on a short neighborhood tour or get some rest and prepare for the next day. We’ll get dinner later and introduce ourselves to fellow guests.  

Our trip starts with a visit to the Nkrumah Mausoleum, the resting place of modern Ghana’s founding father. Later, we’ll take a tour of Oxford Street, a culturally-rich part of the capital, learn to make bissap (wild hibiscus juice with pineapple peels), and give our measurement to a local tailor for something special!.  

Today we’ll visit the capital’s leading arts gallery, engage in a short discussion with its curator and get lunch. Later in the day, we’ll attempt a walk through Makola, one of West Africa’s largest open air market. We’ll get dinner and spend some time reflecting on the experience so far.  

We’ll say a brief goodbye to the bustle of the capital and head towards Elmina in central Ghana. We’ll visit the oldest castle in West Africa and learn about its role in the region’s economic history. The visit will be followed by a stop at an open air fishers’ market, a tour of Elmina town and dinner at the oceanside.

Today we’ll continue our history tour with a visit to the Cape Coast castle; the largest departure point during the Atlantic slave trade in West Africa. We’ll stop by the Kakum park and attempt a canopy walk high up in the rainforest. We’ll conclude our day with a visit to Global Mamas; a fair trade agency empowering Ghanaian women. Dinner will be served by the ocean (with bonfire). Alongside a local expert and a history professor, we’ll reflect, discuss and try to deconstruct the experience of the previous days.

We’ll conclude our Elmina/Cape Coast trip with a visit to the International Stingless Bee Center. Yes, the bees don’t sting!. We’ll drive back to Accra and spend the evening on a short culinary tour, trying everything from the West African wine, pami, to the street grilled meat, suya. We might dance to a selection of West African highlife music.  

Wake up a bit late today. No worries. We’ll get breakfast and head to the beach. Get some sunshine. Read a book. Try riding a horse. Swim (not too far!). Or just watch the waves of the West African Atlantic. Your choice. We’ll enjoy lunch by the beach. Later in the day, we’ll go shopping. Malls, open stalls, craft stores. Your choice. We’ll spend the evening getting dinner at an exotic African restaurant. A surprise awaits!.   

It’ll be sad to say goodbye. Hopefully you would have made friends. You can connect elsewhere. Maybe join us in the near future for another exciting trip. Either way, we hope we helped make the past days worthwhile. We’ll see you off to the airport and say goodbye. Until you join us again!.

What’s Included in the package?

Everything you need. Plus a few things we think you’d want. Our trip packages include seven night’s hotel accommodation; all meals; local wine and beer; soft drinks and bottled water; tickets to all tourist sites and events; internal transportation; services of local guide and any cooking classes or demonstrations; and talks with a history professor. Finally, we have a little West African gift! 

Date: May 23 – 31, 2019

Price: $6,000 (based on double occupancy).

Single supplement: $ 1,500