Small Groups. Literally.

At Nugwa Journeys, we believe that travelling as part of a small group helps foster enriching conversations, encourage long-lasting friendships and affords us the ability to incorporate guests’ interests into our trips. Our small group trips are capped at six persons.  

Have Fun. Learn. Explore


Catering to six persons or less means we spend time listening to each guest. Heard about the famed West African palm wine and would like a taste? No problem!. Interested in taking time off to visit a local spa that uses the famed shea butter? Let us know. Other group members might be interested. If not, we’ll organize a separate transportation for you. You can join us later.

A Comprehensive Experience…

An informal history lecture on the beach (preferably with a bonfire). A genuinely local culinary experience. Private visits to leading arts galleries. Or a day spent with an NGO tackling important challenges. Our aim is to help you achieve full immersion while you’re here. Who knows, you might love it so much and choose to return again.

Ready to travel?

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