Exploring and appreciating creativity. Join us!

Lagos…an art-inspired journey. (Limited to 4 guests) 

Ekabo! Welcome to West Africa’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan city. We’re glad to embark on this unique journey. Over the next few days, we’ll explore multiple art galleries, discover more than 10,000 unique artworks, shop handicrafts at art markets, spend quality time with artists and gallery owners, and taste a selection of delicious food and drinks from around Nigeria. We can’t wait!


Here are a few things we hope to do...

Arrive at Lagos, West Africa’s most populous city. Take time off to relax or join us on a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. We’ll introduce ourselves over plates of food and drinks.

We’ll start our journey by paying homage to the country’s artistic ancestors. We’ll spend time at the Nigerian National Museum which houses more than 500 years of Nigerian and West African art history. We’ll spend the afternoon taking in the beautiful scenery of Freedom Park over plates of local food and drinks.

Today we’ll visit the MyDrim Gallery, one of the oldest art galleries in Nigeria. We’ll spend time admiring interesting works by established and emerging artists. One of the gallery’s artists will join us for a short discussion during lunch. We’ll spend the afternoon at the quiet Atican beach taking in the cool ocean breeze and sampling fresh coconuts.

We’ll visit the Nike art gallery, Nigeria’s largest. Here we’ll explore more than 6,000 artworks from leading Nigerian and West African artists. We’ll also try our hands at the locally-made adire artistry taught by local women near the gallery. Dinner will be served later in the evening.

Today we’ll visit the Hourglass art gallery where artists are leading the charge in West African abstract art. Later, we’ll gather for lunch with a guest from the gallery. We’ll spend the rest of the day on an art-centered shopping spree at the Lekki Arts and Craft market where crafts professionals from around the country display their works.

Today we’ll take a trip outside Lagos to the ancient city of Abeokuta. We’ll visit the famed tie and dye market and explore thousands of artistic textiles from across Nigeria. There are no fixed prices, so sharpen your negotiation skills!

Wake up a bit late today. We’ll drop by the Lekki Conservation Center to take a break from the bustle of West Africa’s largest city. Amidst forests and beautiful scenery, we’ll enjoy sumptuous local dishes and drinks. This will be followed by a slow and fun yacht cruise along the Atlantic coast of Lagos. Grills, local food, drinks, and everything you’d like. We’ll reflect on our experience later. A little surprise awaits!

It’s been quite a memorable art-centered experience. We had fun and learned a lot. It’ll be sad to say goodbye. However, we hope you had a great time and look forward to welcoming you back to Lagos or another Nigerian city. Have a safe flight!         

What’s Included in the package?

Everything you need. Plus a few things we think you’d want. Our trip packages include seven night’s hotel accommodation; all meals; local wine and beer; soft drinks and bottled water; tickets to all tourist sites and events; internal transportation; services of local guide and any cooking classes or demonstrations; and talks with experts. Finally, we have a little West African gift! 

Dates:  Aug 25 – Sep 1, 2019  ||  Nov 24 – Dec 1, 2019 

Price: $12,000    (based on double occupancy)

Single supplement: $ 2,500