We address a few concerns our guests often have...

Our guests come from all parts of the world. While individually different, they value our ethos of privacy, flexibility, and deep immersion. We welcome solo travelers, friends and family members. Each trip is designed around guests’ interests.

As much as you would like. Our team members pick you up from the airport upon arrival. All trips are escorted by multiple vehicles and expert guides. You can rest assured of maximum support without impinging on your desire for privacy.  

Nugwa & Journeys maintains close relationships with leading healthcare providers in countries across the region. We also maintain relationships with firms specialized in evacuations in case of emergencies.

There’s no typical day. Most trips are designed around the interests of our guests. However, quite often, we might spend the mornings at an important historical site. Or a spa. We eat lunch later in the day, often with a history professor, a local community leader or the head of an NGO tackling an important issue.  


After lunch, we prefer to let each guest decide where they want to go. Shopping, visits to arts galleries, or a game of tennis are all possible options. We help arrange necessary transportation and registration for either individuals or groups.


We might spend the evening on wine tastings trips or attending cooking classes. Maybe on the beach with a recently recommended book by an author from the region. Or a short street walk, followed by a highlife music session in the city. The choices are endless. We’ll try to help narrow it down!

The truth is….it depends. Each has its appeal, depending on your personality and goals. Guests interested in meeting like-minded people and traveling as part of a close-knit group prefer the small group journeys. Some make long-lasting friendships. Plus it feels comfortable since each group is capped at six persons.


Other guests prefer the utmost flexibility of the private package. They want to see the world at their own pace, or with partners and family. The entire experience is designed around their interests. Often, guests are able to visit multiple countries while traveling under the private package. We go wherever, whenever you want. You decide.

We highly recommend a full travel insurance before travelling. We have no preferred option and encourage guests to speak with their insurance brokers.

Nugwa Journeys seeks to create exceptional experiences for guests who travel to our region. Our prices reflect the value and level of premium services our guests expect.

Pricing on the private package depends on a range of factors including duration of stay, number and nature of activities and number of travelers among others. Most trips start at a minimum of $1500 per person per day.

A deposit is required upon booking, with the balance due 30 days before the trip. Bookings made less than 30 days (if available) have to be fully paid.

At Nugwa Journeys, we fully understand our guests’ concerns about security in Nigeria and West Africa. Nugwa Journeys prioritizes guests’ safety and never compromises on this. We work closely with security experts and monitor conditions in various parts of the country and the entire region during trip design and while conducting our trips. Guests can rest assured that Nugwa Journeys cuts no expense in ensuring the safety of guests and their loved ones. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more clarification or for further information. 

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