Corporations, governments and family businesses in African countries rely on us to provide effective and customized financing solutions for their projects and business activities. We create appropriate vehicles customized to each client’s requirements.

Project Financing

We advise on strategic projects supported by governments and corporations. Clients depend on us to develop unique and appropriate financing solutions including debt, equity, mezzanine financing and other investment structures. Our deep expertise and substantial network of investors makes us the firm of choice for project funding on the continent.

Strategic InvestmentsĀ 

In collaboration with a select group of partners, Nugwa makes strategic investments in opportunities across the public and private sector. We combine the scale of our expertise with the financial strength of our firm and partners’ with a view to making impressive risk-adjusted returns. We actively invest across opportunities in mining, energy, agriculture and infrastructure among others.

Private Capital

Our firm remains a major player in the African leveraged buyout and tactical investing landscape. We react dynamically to opportunities as they occur in various forms including opportunistic real estate, secondary buyouts, emergency equity infusion, and other special situations.

Islamic Financing

Nugwa is at the forefront of Islamic financing and other non-interest based financing solutions in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Our Islamic financing team fields some of the best professionals with deep expertise in structuring various financing products including musharaka, ijara, and salam financing among others.