Business Lines

Nugwa plays a significant role on the African investment landscape, especially in the hospitality, health care, financial services and real asset sectors. Using internal capital, and in concert with local and international partners, we invest across a number of vehicles with a view to making impressive risk-adjusted returns.

Luxury Real Estate 

Our firm is at the forefront of developing and operating world-class integrated resort properties in different African countries. Our integrated resort concept combines iconic hotel buildings with unmatched dining experience, world-class gaming facilities, high-end retail, golf courses, entertainment and conference facilities among others.We are also at the forefront of developing some of the best golf resort properties and residential golf communities on the continent. We combine exceptional financial expertise, decades of industry knowledge and unmatched understanding of the cultures of various African countries.  

Private Equity

Our private equity investments complement our in-house development activities by collaborating with other developers and/or existing resort owners. Furthermore, we make investments in companies operating in various sectors, including health care, insurance, luxury goods and tourism among others. As a major player on the African investment landscape, we bring decades of industry knowledge and connections as well as in-depth financing experience. 

Health tourism development  

Nugwa is increasing its partnership with world-class specialty hospital operators with a view towards redefining the tertiary health care landscape on the continent. We intend to build world-class medical complexes in different African countries by combining high-end accommodations and amenities with the best health care professionals from around the world.  Our properties would provide unmatched tertiary care around the continent as well as cater to international health tourists.