[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nugwa is Africa’s Premier Investment firm. Our business involves developing and operating destination properties (integrated resorts) that combine luxurious accommodation with fine dining, gaming, high-end retail, entertainment, cultural experiences, conference  and exhibition facilities among others.

Furthermore, we provide private equity financing to secondary properties which we buy, refurbish and operate. We also hold investments in select companies operating across various sectors including hospitality, specialty health care, financial services and real assets among others. Headquartered in Nigeria, our footprints cut across West Africa and the entire African continent.

We combine strong financial, economic and industry expertise with exceptional political and cultural intelligence; a combination that continues to serve us and our partners well. This comprehensive approach gives us a unique perspective on business and investments that helps mitigate costly risks.


Our Principles

Value-driven Investing: Our projects require significant capital outlays. This necessitates in-depth analyses of all factors, including economic, political and social among others. We spend significant time and resources with a view to understanding the real value of our projects and ensuring the highest level of risk management.

Integrity: Our entire business is built on trust. We understand that we stand to benefit in the long-term by being honest with all stakeholders and acting within the confines of the law with impeccable integrity. We pursue this to the latter and are proud of the results.